22 July 2013

Hello Everyone!

Long time no see! Hello Everyone! It has been a while since I last posted here but my website is finally up and running again! (Seriously needs an update though, which I will get around to I promise!) My domain for some reason did not renew so unless I paid a huge fee to get my domain back I pretty much had to wait about 4 months for it to expire and be released to the open market again which happened and I managed to purchase it again! Alot has happened in the past year, I now have a beautiful son, Carter! He is wonderful and I am so proud!
So right now my life is filled with him! Becoming a mammy is the best thing to of ever happened, I love every minute of it. Hes the happiest baby in the world! I am working on a 'First Year Baby Memory Book' for him right now. If anyone is interested in a personalised year book of there babys first year, please get in touch! :)
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12 January 2012

Happy New Year!
Sorry I havent posted for a while, life can get very busy and take over sometimes.
Heres a little something I did for the same person as below a few weeks ago now.
I will be putting some greeting cards up in my online store in a week or so to buy.
If any companies out there in that big world would be interested in selling my 'Patch-imals' kits 
containing the giraffe and owl I would more then welcome you to contact me! 
I get emails almost everyday asking if they are for sale but unfortunately I am not in
a position to digital print and put the kits together myself right now.
If you haven't viewed my portfolio and not sure what I am on about...

Any sort of freelance work is also always welcome :)
Hope all is well.
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25 October 2011

Ive been working with a lady in Brazil recently, she found me via print and pattern on my feature back in July. 
She has started a social project called Garota Prendada
It helps to teach crafts to teens and pre teens, as a way to avoid poverty. 
I created the doll (Bezoli) kit for her which has now become the symbol of the project. 
I am also doing a boys version for her at the moment and a couple others which I will preview here in a few days. 
She isn't profiting from selling the kits, its just a way of funding the project to keep it going which i think is quite nice. 
The idea behind Garota Prendada is to teach young girls how to sew, embroider, knit and make them understand that life can have other purposes. 
She recently interviewed me for there online craft magazine which you can find here
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4 October 2011

You can find me at twitter here
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3 September 2011

Hello again! I am back! 
I have been on placements at the Tigerprint studio and George in the baby and children's wear department.
 Both were a great experience and I really enjoyed meeting everyone and working on briefs.
The doll (below) I created for www.garotaprendada.com launched in Brazil on the 1st of September. It is featured here
I will be putting some cards up for sale in the next few days so please check back for a update. 

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8 August 2011

A commission I have been working on lately...
More details soon...
I will be away at Tigerprint this time next week so may not get to update till I am home.

28 July 2011

So excited to be featured on the amazing Print and Pattern Blog today! 
You can check it out here - Print and Pattern 
Thank you Bowie!
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26 July 2011

Hello there!
I am currently working on some illustrations for a children's book for a lovely lady. 
Alongside of this I am also working on a design collection for my agent.
I have a placement arranged with Tigerprint & George (Asda) little girls and baby wear & Watermark Publishing!
I also have a interview for a placement with Next Children's Design!
Last week I went on a long road trip to Radlett where I met one of the nicest people, keeping my fingers crossed for news from that.
I also created a new website so this is now purely my blog.
Please note the change in web address for this blog to its original domain http://summerrmorgan.blogspot.com
www.summerrmorgan.com remains my website, its just been newly revamped (blood, sweat and tears!!!)
Think thats everything for now,
All very exciting!
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20 July 2011

A few photos from New Designers...

Currently keeping myself busy with freelance work...
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15 July 2011


I graduated and not only that my hat didn't fall off and I didn't trip!
 I officially have a BA Hons Degree in Surface Pattern Design Textiles for Interiors.
Since coming home from New Designers I have been a busy bee following up all the wonderful industry people I met, and replying to lots of emails and phone calls.
Sorting placements out, meetings & interviews.
Watch this space for exciting updates soon!
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